Grooms Waterfall

Q:  How much does a service call cost ?
A:  $95 per hour plus materials.

Q:  Can you service or repair my sprinkler system even if somebody else installed it?
A:  Yes

Q:  Do you give free estimates?
A:  Yes

Q:  Do you do both residential and commercial work?
A: Yes

Q:  Do you do any kind of work other than irrigation?
A:  Yes, we also install drainage, landscapes, hardscapes, water features, outdoor lighting,  and other landscape elements.

Q:  Do you provide a maintenance service agreement?
A:  Yes, for start up of irrigation systems in the spring and winterization in the fall.  An advantage of being in our service program is that we will call you to schedule these services at the appropriate times of the year.

Q:  When should my system be started in the spring?
A:   After the last hard freeze, usually in March.

Q:  When should my system be winterized ?
A:  Before the first hard freeze, usually in November.  More Info

Q:  My controller is not working – what can I do?
A:   Check to be sure the outlet is working and check the GFI button. If the outlet is not working properly, call an electrician. If the outlet is working OK, call our office to schedule a service call.

Q:  Do you do drainage work?
A:  Yes. Call to schedule a consultation and estimate.